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There are currently 1082 names in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Cabbagestalk, Roosevelt

Cabble, Marion

Cabell, Earl C.

Cabiness, Marshall S.

Cabule, Ernest M. Jr.

Cade, Alex H. Jr.

Cadera, Paul I.

Cadogan, Theodore M.

Cadora, Paul I.

Caesar, Richard C.

Caesar, Valdes

Caffee, Frank

Cagnolatti, Calvin M.

Cahill, I. C.

Caille, Warren W.

Cain, Harvey

Cain, Leroy

Cain, Robert A.

Cain, Thomas J.

Cain, William L.

Cain, Willie L.

Caines, Kenneth L.

Caison, C. H

Calaway, Earl L.

Calder, Timothy

Caldwell, Adna J.

Caldwell, Byron S.

Caldwell, Henry

Caldwell, Langston

Caldwell, Langston H.

Caldwell, Lee A.

Caldwell, Louis T.

Caldwell, Mackie J.

Caldwell, Richard D.

Caldwell, Walter H.

Caldwell, William

Caldwell, Willie

Calhoun, Alonzo C.

Calhoun, James A.

Calhoun, James E.

Calhoun, William L.

Calland, Lenward A.

Callaway, Harold J.

Callaway, Vernon H.

Callender, Louis

Callier, J. D.

Calloway, Clifford C.

Calloway, Edward E.

Calloway, Francis

Calloway, Gilbert

Calloway, Jackson J.

Calloway, John

Calloway, Julius W.

Calloway, Lacey r. Jr.

Calloway, Lorenza T.

Calloway, Richard r. Jr.

Calloway, Thomas W.

Calvin, Sydney E.

Cameron, Laundery

Camilleri, Joseph T.

Cammon, Birk r. Jr.

Campbell, Alfred A. Jr.

Campbell, Anthony

Campbell, Augustus

Campbell, Carie

Campbell, Donald G.

Campbell, Earl

Campbell, Eugene B.

Campbell, Harvey I.

Campbell, Herbert

Campbell, Herbert M.

Campbell, Herman A.

Campbell, Herman R. Jr.

Campbell, Hubbard S.

Campbell, Hugh J.

Campbell, Jackson H.

Campbell, James C.

Campbell, John H.

Campbell, Joseph H.

Campbell, Lawrence

Campbell, Lawrence C.

Campbell, Lawrence J.

Campbell, LeRoy E.

Campbell, Lillian

Campbell, Lindsay L.

Campbell, McWheeler

Campbell, O. B.

Campbell, Ralph A.

Campbell, Richard A.

Campbell, Riley r. Jr.

Campbell, Robert E.

Campbell, Russell

Campbell, Sutton E.

Campbell, Sylvester

Campbell, Thomas

Campbell, Vincent O.

Campbell, Walter E.

Campbell, William A.

Campbell, William M.

Campfield, Miss

Camphor, Jake

Canady, Clinton r. Jr.

Canady, James W.

Cancelosi, Joseph C. Jr.

Candelaria, Charles C.

Cannon, Charles

Cannon, George M.

Cannon, Gilbert F.

Cannon, James H.

Cannon, John C.

Cannon, Leroy

Cannon, Ravenell W.

Cannon, Rufus

Cantrell, Herbert

Canty, Benjamin F.

Capell, William W.

Capiti, J. K.

Caple, Pearlie

Captain, Baird K.

Card, Edward J.

Card, Hugh C.

Cardwell, Alfred T.

Cardwell, Edward F.

Cardwell, Robert

Carey, Albert

Carey, Albert L.

Carey, Carl E.

Carey, Fred

Carey, Harold A.

Carey, Herbert T.

Carey, Kingsley L.

Carey, Lester

Cargill, Gilbert A.

Carline, William R.

Carlis, Nathaniel C.

Carlos, James E.

Carlton, Alphonso r. Jr.

Carlton, John F.

Carman, Bert V. Jr.

Carman, Harvey

Carmen, Harvey

Carmicheal, Fred D.

Carnahan, Clair W.

Carnegie, Paul D.

Carner, John M. Jr.

Carney, Norace

Carothers, Jacquline L.

Carothers, Rice L.

Carpenter, Curtis

Carpenter, Harold H.

Carpenter, Robert C.

Carpenter, Russell W.

Carper, George

Carper, Leonard W.

Carple, August R.

Carr, James S.

Carr, Jimmy R.

Carr, Lawrence

Carr, Leonard D.

Carr, Marjorie

Carr, Marshall

Carr, Nathaniel

Carr, Pythias D.

Carr, Robert L.

Carr, Stanford E.

Carr, Thomas

Carr, Timothy D.

Carr, William H.

Carr, Willie A.

Carraby, George B.

Carrell, Richard

Carrell, Theodore

Carrier, Lemmitt G.

Carriers, Aron

Carrington, Arthur

Carrington, Charles R.

Carrington, Collins

Carrington, Frederick L.

Carrington, O’Neal W.

Carrington, P. L.

Carrington, Wendell B.

Carrington, William O.

Carroll, Alfred Q. Jr.

Carroll, Alonzo

Carroll, Augustus

Carroll, Edward F.

Carroll, George E.

Carroll, Lawrence W.

Carroll, Richard

Carroll, Theodore

Carruth, Ceazer

Carruthers, James L.

Carson, Antoine

Carson, Eddie

Carson, John H.

Carson, Marty

Carson, Stanley

Carson, William P. Jr.

Carston, Henry

Carter, Agee

Carter, Albert T.

Carter, Annanias

Carter, Archie L.

Carter, Arthur L. Sr.

Carter, Broadus

Carter, Carl

Carter, Charles E.

Carter, Charles H.

Carter, Clarence J.

Carter, Clarence R.

Carter, Curtis G.

Carter, Darue

Carter, Donnell

Carter, Edgar

Carter, Elanora

Carter, Emmett A.

Carter, Eugene D.

Carter, Floyd H.

Carter, Floyd J.

Carter, Francis A.

Carter, Frank

Carter, Franklin E. Jr.

Carter, Frisby M.

Carter, Harold S.

Carter, Harrel

Carter, Herbert E.

Carter, Isaac

Carter, James B.

Carter, James D.

Carter, James G.

Carter, James L.

Carter, James R.

Carter, James W.

Carter, James Y.

Carter, Jeru

Carter, Joe N.

Carter, Joe T.

Carter, John H.

Carter, John L.

Carter, John R. Jr.

Carter, Julius C.

Carter, Karl W.

Carter, LaRue

Carter, Leonard

Carter, Lloyd

Carter, Lloyd A.

Carter, Lorenzo

Carter, Lorenzo A.

Carter, Lott S.

Carter, Luther

Carter, Marion A.

Carter, Merle

Carter, Mildred H.

Carter, Milton

Carter, Mitchell E.

Carter, Otis

Carter, Percy

Carter, Perry

Carter, Reginald F.

Carter, Richard B.

Carter, Richard B. Jr.

Carter, Robert A.

Carter, Robert L.

Carter, Roger L.

Carter, Ruth L.

Carter, Samuel

Carter, Thomas R.

Carter, Virginia B.

Carter, Washington

Carter, Wilbur G.

Carter, William E.

Carter, William G.

Carter, William H.

Carter, William L.

Carter, William M.

Carter, William P.

Carter, Woodrow

Cartwright, Donald O.

Cartwright, Isaiah

Caruthers, Marion

Caruthers, Willie

Carvalho, Pedro R.

Cary, Arthur S.

Cary, James L.

Casey, Charles F.

Casey, Clifton C.

Casey, Samuel D.

Cash, Eugene r. Jr.

Cashew, Clarence

Cass, James N.

Cassagnol, Raymond

Cassey, Peter W. Jr.

Cassius, Frank R. Jr.

Castelle, Charles L.

Castiglia, Peter

Castle, Graham

Catchings, Dexter L.

Cathey, John W.

Catlett, John B.

Catlin, George R.

Caufman, Lynn W.

Cauls, James r. Jr.

Cauthon, Ralph

Caver, John A.

Caver, O. M.

Cavitt, Earl H.

Cawley, George W.

Cawthon, Andrew F.

Cawthon, Floyd J.

Celestine, Phillippe

Center, John W.

Chaderton, Charles W.

Chaffin, Walter H.

Chafin, Donald T.

Chaison, Roscoe

Chamberlain, Clyde E.

Chamberlain, Theodore

Chamberlin, Melvin C.

Chambers, Arthur C.

Chambers, Bobbie

Chambers, Charles E.

Chambers, Charles W.

Chambers, Frank H.

Chambers, Frank L.

Chambers, Jesse

Chambers, Lawrence

Chambers, Lloyd O.

Chambers, Samuel

Chambers, Stermidge

Chambers, William L.

Chamblis, Mack

Chambliss, George W.

Chambliss, M. D.

Chambliss, McKinney

Chambliss, Sanford

Champion, Calvin

Champion, James

Champion, Jesse J.

Champion, Jessie J.

Chance, Wallace H. Jr.

Chancellor, Alonzo

Chancellor, Jack

Chandler, Amos

Chandler, Clarence C.

Chandler, Goon

Chandler, John

Chandler, Len

Chandler, Peter J.

Chandler, Robert C.

Chaney, Charlie H. Jr.

Chaney, James L.

Chantrelle, Seginald

Chaplin, Robert J.

Chapman, Albert R.

Chapman, Charles

Chapman, Edison

Chapman, Henry M. Jr.

Chapman, Jennie K.

Chapman, Robert J.

Chapman, William R. Jr.

Chappell, Eugene

Chappell, Roy M.

Charette, Maurice T.

Charles, Leonard

Charles, Wellington

Charlton, Huey E.

Charlton, Terry J.

Charman, David B.

Chase, Albert

Chase, John M.

Chase, Louise E.

Chase, Norman M.

Chase, Vernell R.

Chase, William C.

Chatman, Dan W.

Chatman, Richard C. Jr.

Chatman, William C.

Chavis, John H.

Chavis, Joseph W.

Chavis, Louis E.

Cheaney, George E.

Chears, Curtis M.

Chears, Curtis N.

Cheatham, Eugene C.

Cheatham, Grace E.

Cheatham, Marjorie

Cheatham, Melvin P.

Cheek, Conrad H.

Cheek, Gillis E.

Cheek, Quinten V.

Cheeks, John

Chenault, Randolph W.

Chenier, Charles C.

Cherry, Edgar M.

Cherry, James C.

Cherry, Norman T.

Cherry, William A.

Chester, Alexander

Chester, Robert

Chestnut, Harold G.

Chew, Andrew

Chew, John F.

Chiappe, Anthony M.

Chichester, James R.

Chichester, Mrs. s.

Chichester, William

Chichester, William M.

Chieves, William H.

Childress, Wesley H.

Childs, Archie

Childs, Charles

Childs, Don

Childs, John A.

Childs, Joseph E.

Childs, Thomas L.

Childs, Watson

Childs, William

Chilton, Thomas A.

Chin, Abraham

Chin, George

Chin, Jack

Chineworth, Joseph E.

Chisholm, Charles S.

Chisolm, Kelly B.

Chitwood, John V.

Choate, Osemon H.

Choice, James O.

Choisy, George B.

Choma, Charles W.

Chreves, William H.

Christian, Arthur L.

Christian, Eugene r. Jr.

Christian, Houston

Christian, James

Christian, James S.

Christian, Kermit A.

Christian, Norman

Christian, Rudy

Christiansen, William M. Jr.

Christine, John W.

Christler, Marion L.

Christmas, Joseph A.

Christmas, Lee C.

Christopher, Charles T.

Christopher, James

Christopher, Vernon

Chtopecki, Francis V.

Chube, David D.

Chuhe, David D.

Chunn, Richard

Church, Robert

Churchill, Chester A.

Churchill, Walter E. Jr.

Churchwell, Nathaniel

Cicero, Ralph F.

Cimpson, James r. Jr.

Cisco, Arnold W.

Cisco, George E.

Clack, Wilbur

Claggett, Leo R.

Claiborne, Bernard F.

Clanton, John H.

Clanton, Spencer

Clapp, Claude D.

Clardy, Felix C.

Clark, Adicus

Clark, Albert

Clark, Albert D.

Clark, Arthur N.

Clark, Benjamin D.

Clark, Bernard

Clark, Charles S.

Clark, Clarence r. Jr.

Clark, Cleveland

Clark, Doris E.

Clark, Edgar A.

Clark, Eubert W.

Clark, Eugene

Clark, Fredrick

Clark, George r. Jr.

Clark, Gill

Clark, Gordon E.

Clark, Gurthalee

Clark, Harold

Clark, Herbert V.

Clark, Howard

Clark, Howard B.

Clark, James B.

Clark, James L.

Clark, James R.

Clark, Jesse

Clark, John J.

Clark, John r. Jr.

Clark, Joseph

Clark, Lawrence O.

Clark, Leroy

Clark, Lonice L.

Clark, Otto A. Jr.

Clark, Peter W.

Clark, Phillip

Clark, Raleigh

Clark, Reginald

Clark, Robert

Clark, Robert A.

Clark, Robert J.

Clark, Robert J. Jr.

Clark, Robert L.

Clark, Robert W.

Clark, Stokes

Clark, Sylvester

Clark, Theodore

Clark, Thomas M.

Clark, Wilbur

Clark, William E.

Clark, William H.

Clark, William J.

Clark, Willie

Clark, Willie L.

Clarke, Charles Z.

Clarke, Clarence W.

Clarke, Edgar A.

Clarke, Gill

Clarke, William J.

Clarkson, Levi

Clarkson, Marcus E.

Clary, Edwin C.

Claxton, Harold

Claxton, Lenore G.

Clay, George W.

Clay, Haywood C.

Clay, Henry

Clay, Herbert

Clay, James F.

Clay, James W.

Clay, Leroy

Clay, Tena J.

Clayborne, E.

Claybourne, George

Clayton, Ed T.

Clayton, Edward

Clayton, George F.

Clayton, Gloria

Clayton, Harold H.

Clayton, James

Clayton, John H.

Clayton, Melvin A.

Clayton, Richard D.

Clayton, Robert

Clayton, William

Claytor, Ralph V.

Cleage, Scott K.

Cleaver, John H.

Cleaver, Leroy r. Jr.

Cleaver, Lowell H.

Clement, Frederick A.

Clements, Elizabeth

Clemmons, Wilson H.

Clemons, Coy

Clemons, Ira B.

Clemons, Leroy

Clemons, Robert

Clemont, Willis H.

Cleveland, Calvin

Cleveland, William J.

Clewell, Ralph P. Jr.

Cliett, Calvin

Clifford, Paul I.

Clifton, Emile G. Jr.

Clincy, Cleveland

Clinkscale, Eugene P.

Clinton, Mose E.

Clinton, Shirley R.

Clodfelter, Frank

Clyne, Marcel

Coachman, George H.

Coachman, Leon J.

Coar, Daniel L.

Coard, Elmer D.

Coate, Charles

Coates, Berth

Coates, Clarence E. Jr.

Coates, John W.

Coates, William B.

Coates, William R.

Cobb, Harold T.

Cobb, William P.

Cobble, John T.

Cobbs, Filbert H.

Cobbs, George E.

Cobbs, John H.

Cobbs, Robert H.

Cobbs, Roosevelt

Cobbs, Wilson N.

Cochran, Isom C.

Cochran, Junius C.

Cochran, Pembleton

Cochran, Phil

Cochran, William H.

Cocrel, George W.

Coe, Merton S.

Coelho, Pete

Coes, John L.

Coffee, Bertrand W.

Coffee, Eldon C.

Coffey, Hilbert J.

Cofield, Joseph

Coger, Wallace E.

Coggs, Granville C.

Cohelo, Pete

Cohen, Buster J.

Cohen, John B.

Cohen, Joseph L.

Cohen, Saul A.

Cohn, Melvin J.

Cohoon, James C.

Coignet, Alfred J. Jr.

Coke, Minor D.

Cokelay, Hubert J.

Cokely, Clarence

Colbert, Cal

Colbert, George M.

Colbert, Harold P.

Colbert, James L.

Colbert, Lea

Colbert, Lowell F.

Colbert, Samuel

Colbert, William A. Jr.

Cole, Alfred D.

Cole, Earnest

Cole, Len F.

Cole, Robert A.

Coleman, Albert L.

Coleman, Arthur H.

Coleman, Arthur J.

Coleman, Arthur L.

Coleman, Charles

Coleman, Charlie

Coleman, Conley

Coleman, Elijah

Coleman, Emerson B.

Coleman, Eugene

Coleman, Forrest E.

Coleman, George

Coleman, Herman

Coleman, Howard

Coleman, James

Coleman, James A.

Coleman, Jimmie L.

Coleman, Lemroy

Coleman, Lennie

Coleman, Leon D.

Coleman, Lobiss

Coleman, Marvin A.

Coleman, Mitchell r. Jr.

Coleman, Phillip F.

Coleman, Robert

Coleman, Samuel

Coleman, Stanley

Coleman, Thomas

Coleman, W. W.

Coleman, Walter W.

Coleman, Watkins

Coleman, Wayne A.

Coleman, William

Coleman, William C. Jr.

Coleman, William J.

Coleman, William T.

Coleman, William T. Jr.

Coles, Alexander

Coles, Archie J.

Coles, Calvin J.

Coles, Harry r. Jr.

Coles, Henry

Coles, John D.

Coles, Joseph L.

Coles, Leon W.

Coles, Russell L.

Coles, Samuel r. Jr.

Coles, William D.

Collier, A. F.

Collier, Albert E.

Collier, Ernest P.

Collier, Francis B.

Collier, Horace

Collier, James C.

Collier, Joseph M.

Collier, Matthew

Collier, Plemmer

Collier, Samuel W.

Collier, Tyrus F.

Collier, William B. Jr.

Collins, Albert J.

Collins, Andrew R.

Collins, Bennie A.

Collins, Cairo W.

Collins, Charles

Collins, Dan T.

Collins, Daniel F.

Collins, Eddie

Collins, Edward A.

Collins, Edward J.

Collins, Essex L.

Collins, Floyd A.

Collins, Gamaliel M.

Collins, George L.

Collins, Herman

Collins, James

Collins, Joseph W. Jr.

Collins, Kendrick

Collins, Louis H.

Collins, M.

Collins, Minos

Collins, Reginald G.

Collins, Roosevelt

Collins, Russell L.

Collins, Samuel

Collins, Stanley W.

Collins, Thomas J.

Collins, Tommy J.

Collins, Tommy L.

Collins, Vincent

Collymore, Victor A.

Colon, Bayard K.

Colston, Fred

Colter, Earl

Colub, Abe

Colum, Ira

Colvin, Albert L.

Colvin, Jesse

Colvin, Sydney E.

Combs, Frederick W.

Combs, Schuby L.

Combs, Thomas E.

Comeia, Willie

Commodore, Eugene A.

Compton, Bernice E.

Conaway, Artishia

Condell, James F.

Condon, Joseph L. Jr.

Cone, Charles M.

Cones, Robert A.

Confer, Louis D.

Conkey, Donald M.

Conkley, Donald M.

Conklin, Dale M.

Conley, Coleman

Conley, Jackson r. Jr.

Conley, James C.

Conley, James W.

Conley, Murrie

Conley, Toy C.

Conley, Vernon J.

Conliffe, Calvin H.

Connally, Norris L.

Connell, Clement

Connell, Henry J.

Connell, Victor L.

Connelly, John R.

Conner, Clarence J.

Conner, Henry C.

Conner, Herbert M.

Conner, Kenneth T.

Conner, Lycurgus J.

Conner, Richard E.

Conner, Tommie

Connolly, Joe W.

Connor, Herman D.

Conquest, George D.

Conrad, Robert A.

Consentine, James

Conway, Clarence C.

Conway, William

Conwell, William

Conyer, Louis

Conyers, Hezekiah

Cook, Argust

Cook, Charles

Cook, Harold

Cook, John B.

Cook, John F.

Cook, John G. Jr.

Cook, Junious

Cook, Martin L.

Cook, Orwin S.

Cook, Reynolds G.

Cook, Robert J.

Cook, Robert L.

Cook, Thomas

Cook, Thurman L.

Cook, W. E.

Cook, Walter H. Jr.

Cook, Wayne E.

Cook, Willie J.

Cooke, C.

Cooke, Edmond D.

Cooke, Herbert L.

Cooke, Hezzy A.

Cooke, John G. Jr.

Cooke, Norman J.

Cooke, O. S.

Cooke, Stratman

Cooks, Willie J.

Cooley, Charles L.

Cooley, James r. Jr.

Coombs, Clay T.

Cooper, Bertram

Cooper, Charles V.

Cooper, Charles W.

Cooper, Choice D.

Cooper, Clarence r. Sr.

Cooper, Edward H.

Cooper, Edward M.

Cooper, Elwood J.

Cooper, Elzie

Cooper, Ernest L.

Cooper, Frank

Cooper, Gideon E.

Cooper, Howard W.

Cooper, James

Cooper, James D.

Cooper, James H.

Cooper, James P.

Cooper, Leonard C.

Cooper, Levais

Cooper, Lyerly C.

Cooper, Mae D.

Cooper, Onie

Cooper, Paul A.

Cooper, Robert L.

Cooper, Theodore B.

Cooper, Vernon L.

Cooper, William J.

Cooper, Willis

Copeland, Christopher C.

Copeland, Lexie

Copeland, Mary B.

Copeland, Robert L.

Copeland, William

Copeland, Wilson

Copeland, Wilson A.

Copenhafer, Arnold S.

Copeny, John W. Jr.

Corbean, Walter

Corbett, Caesar r. Jr.

Corbett, Norman L.

Corbin, Albert

Corbin, Matthew J.

Corbin, Percy C.

Cordice, John W. Jr.

Coreau, Albart P.

Cormier, Hodges W.

Cornealius, Joseph

Cornelius, Henry B.

Cornelius, Leroy A.

Cornelius, Owen

Cornell, Bloomfield M.

Cornett, Willie L.

Cornich, Cornelius

Cornish, William H.

Cornitcher, Horace A.

Cornute, Clarence W.

Cosby, James

Cosey, Joe

Cosme, Charles J.

Coston, Earl C.

Coston, Emmitt J.

Cotton, James A.

Cotton, John

Cotton, Red E.

Cottrell, Audrean W.

Couch, James C.

Coughlin, James E.

Coughman, Joseph

Coules, Calvin

Coulter, Cleo

Coulthurst, Audley E.

Council, Grover C.

Counsel, McKinley

Countryman-Bey, Richard

Coureau, Albert P.

Cousins, Augustus J.

Cousins, Bernard

Cousins, Cecil A.

Cousins, Craig R.

Cousins, Earl S.

Cousins, Francis

Cousins, Leo

Cousins, Warren J.

Cousins, William M.

Coutte, Victor

Covington, Bernard

Covington, Francis A.

Covington, Jasper

Covington, Jessie

Covington, Jewel S.

Covington, Urelee

Cowan, Edwin T.

Cowan, Herman

Cowen, George

Cox, Charlie

Cox, George P.

Cox, Hannibal M. Jr.

Cox, James

Cox, Luther A.

Cox, Oathar P.

Cox, R. O.

Cox, Ralph M.

Cox, Reginald

Cox, Roland R.

Cox, William J.

Coy, Corsey R.

Coy, Lorraine

Cozart, Carrie A.

Craan, Howell G.

Craft, Silas

Craig, Charles E.

Craig, Egbert A. Jr.

Craig, Francis

Craig, Isaac

Craig, Lewis W.

Craig, Milford S.

Craig, Robert A.

Craigwell, Ernest

Craigwell, Ernest r. Jr.

Craigwell, William

Crain, Charles A.

Crain, Oleta L.

Crandall, Howard L.

Crapser, Douglas M. Jr.

Craston, William B.

Crawford, Alexander r. Jr.

Crawford, Billy r. Jr.

Crawford, Clarence W.

Crawford, Dolford C.

Crawford, Eatherna

Crawford, Ernest O.

Crawford, George W.

Crawford, John W.

Crawford, Lonnie

Crawford, Murray

Crawford, Richard

Crawford, Rudolph H.

Crawford, William

Crawford, William J.

Crawford, William r. Jr.

Crawley, Arthur L.

Crawley, George

Crayton, Leonard O.

Creed, Leon V.

Creed, Willie B.

Creighton, Daniel R.

Crenchaw, Charles M.

Crenchaw, Milton P.

Crenshaw, Charles M.

Crenshaw, Noah C.

Crenshaw, Walter

Cress, Frederick L.

Crews, William M. Jr.

Crews, Winfield J.

Crichlow, Vere R.

Crisp, Eugene

Criss, LeRoy

Crittenden, Sam L.

Crockett, Alphonso

Crockett, Cecil

Crockett, Effie B.

Crockett, George A.

Crockett, Revelle W.

Crockett, Woodrow W.

Cromartie, Hezekiah J.

Cromer, John P.

Cromwell, Oliver H.

Cronk, William F.

Croom, Erbbie L.

Croom, John B.

Crosier, L. A.

Crosland, Theodore R.

Cross, Charles T.

Cross, Clair L.

Cross, Grover C.

Cross, Johnnie

Cross, Lonnie

Cross, Otis W.

Cross, William r. Jr.

Crossman, Stanley R.

Croston, William A.

Crouch, Arthur J.

Crouch, Robert O.

Crow, Luther

Crowder, James H.

Crowe, Hugh W.

Crowe, John C.

Crowell, Aaron

Crowley, Carl

Crozier, Leonard B.

Crumbie, Edwin N.

Crumble, John J.

Crumbley, Robert

Crumbsy, Grover

Crummel, George J.

Crummer, Raymond L.

Crump, Warren R.

Crumpton, George W.

Crumpton, John D.

Cruse, Barry C.

Cruse, James A.

Crushshon, Herbert A.

Crusor, Paul

Crutcher, Charles A.

Crutcher, Walter L.

Crutcher, Willliam C. Jr.

Crutchfield, Edwin C.

Cruther, William C. Jr.

Cuff, Harry F.

Cuff, James C.

Cullens, Herman

Culley, Joseph W.

Cullins, Herman

Culp, Elliot C.

Culpepper, Steve C.

Cumming, John

Cumming, Richard C.

Cummings, Alonzo

Cummings, Charleston

Cummings, Herndon M.

Cummings, Kermit C.

Cummings, Marcell S.

Cummings, Melvin T.

Cummings, Robert E.

Cummings, Sidney J.

Cundiff, Charles W.

Cundiff, John A.

Cunningham, Abishic

Cunningham, Dennis

Cunningham, Eph

Cunningham, Herman

Cunningham, Howard L.

Cunningham, Jasper

Cunningham, Joe

Cunningham, John H.

Cunningham, John O.

Cunningham, LaVere

Cunningham, Milton D.

Cuoton, Billey T.

Curl, Cecil P.

Currie, George R.

Currier, John F.

Curry, Benjamin F.

Curry, Carleton

Curry, Clinton A.

Curry, Haywood r. Jr.

Curry, Hollie r. Jr.

Curry, J. L.

Curry, James H. Jr.

Curry, John C.

Curry, Joseph C.

Curry, Joseph L.

Curry, Julius A.

Curry, Walter P.

Curry, Willie R.

Curson, Leroy J.

Curtis, Desabee

Curtis, Earl

Curtis, Frank N.

Curtis, Granville

Curtis, Jack

Curtis, John W.

Curtis, Mary A.

Curtis, Norvel W.

Curtis, Raymond

Curtis, Richard L.

Curtis, Samuel L.

Curtis, William

Curtis, William J. Jr.

Curtwright, Evelyn A.

Cushnaghan, William J.

Custard, Ben

Custis, Lemuel R.

Cutchlow, James S.

Cuyjet, Aloysius B.

Cuyjet, John F.

Cuyjet, Stephen L.