Board and Officers

Financial Secretary

Richard Baugh

Mr. Baugh is the previous TAI National Financial Secretary. He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a B. S. Degree in Marketing and subsequently spent 40+ years working for several Fortune 500 companies in sales, sales management, marketing and market development positions. 

He is a Heritage Member of the Howard Baugh Chapter and serves as Chapter Treasurer. He also serves on the Eastern Region Board of Directors (BoD) and has served on the TAI Finance Committee since 2015. He has been a member of the TAI BoD since being elected Financial Secretary in 2016 and is true to his oath to uphold the TAI Bylaws. He is also a member of TAI Membership and TAI Heritage Committees.

As Financial Secretary, he has executed his requisite duties accurately, timely, and professionally. He believes in full transparency when reporting TAI financials because he believes members are entitled to see and understands the significance of this information.