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Temporary Duty (TDY)

AFI65-103 Temporary Duty Orders (5 AUGUST 2005)

1.2.4. Authority to Publish Orders. In accordance with (IAW) AFI 37-128, commanders down to and including squadron level may publish orders. Commanders below squadron (detachment or flight) level may publish TDY orders when a higher level commander specifically authorizes them to do so. A commander may publish orders that are not within his or her jurisdiction only if the proper commander approves. Hospitals and aeromedical staging units may publish orders on patients who are members of any Air Force activity but must give copies to the patient’s parent organization. Additionally, the commander or order office of primary responsibility (OPR) may delegate orders-publishing authority.

Conferences are authorized for funding at the discretion of the TDY approving official (AFI65-103, 5 AUGUST 2005).

– Orders/Funding:

  — Unit/Agency/Org funded TDY

– Like all other TDYs, commanders determine the utilization of unit funds. Air Force personnel may reference AFI 65-103, Attachment 3

  — Purpose of TDY, Item-9, a.

     — Enter (4) Speech or Presentation. To make a speech or presentation, deliver a paper, or otherwise take part in a formal program other than a training course.

     — or (5) Conference Attendance. To attend a conference, convention, seminar, or symposium for purposes of observation or education only with no formal role in the proceedings.

– Conference Registration Fee reimbursement is authorized and the following should be added to the TDY Order ITEM n:

  — Registration/Conference Fee (AFI65-103, page 24): If a fee is required to attend federally or non-federally sponsored meetings, include:

     —“Registration fee is approved on _________ (date) in the amount of $_______ which:

(a) covers cost of ___ meals and ___ nights lodging at $_______ per night, (b) covers no meals or lodging. (Authority: JTR, C4708 (Civilian), JFTR, U4535 (Military). See AFI 65-601, Volume 1, paragraph 4.42 for more information on registration fees. Note: If conference fees include meals, per diem rates are adjusted downward to PPD or incidentals, whichever applies.)

Permissive Temporary Duty (PTDY)



    — AFI 36-3003, Table 4.5. Authorizing Permissive Temporary Duty, Rule 7

Travel Options to attend the conference and status of military personnel

Travel AuthorizationMember Status
Reimbursed POV/Commercial ConveyanceOn Orders
Space RequiredOn Orders
Space AvailableLeave/PTDY/Retired


– DOD Support of TAI activities is authorized IAW DODD 5410.18, Public Affairs Community Relations Policy (November 20, 200, Certified Current as of May 30, 2007), and DODI 5410.19 Public Affairs Community Relations Policy Implementation (November 13, 2001).

DODD 5410.18, Public Affairs Community Relations Policy (November 20, 200, Certified Current as of May 30, 2007) Nonpartisan events sponsored by local, State, or Federal governments; schools; civic organizations; veterans associations (see paragraph 3.16., “Veterans Association,” above); or recognized organizations whose primary purpose is to foster public service, stimulate patriotism, promote understanding of national security issues, or foster public appreciation of our national heritage are generally considered to be in the common public interest.

4.2.4. Loan of DoD Resources to Non-fund-raising Events. Logistical support to events sponsored by non-Federal entities may be provided when approved by the Head of the DoD Component command or organization, in accordance with DoD 5500.7-R, reference (c). The applicable portions of reference (c) are summarized, as follows: General. The Head of the DoD Component command or organization may provide DoD personnel in their official capacities to express DoD policies as speakers, panel members, or other participants, or, on a limited basis, the loan of DoD facilities and equipment (and the services of DoD personnel necessary to ensure proper use of the equipment), when all of the following criteria are met: The logistical support does not interfere with the performance of official duties and does not detract from readiness. DoD community relations with the immediate community and/or other legitimate DoD public affairs or military training interests are served by the support. The association of the Department of Defense, including the concerned Military Departments, with the event is in the best interest of the Department. The event is of interest and benefit to the local civilian community as a whole, the DoD Component command or organization providing the support, or any other part of the Department of Defense. The DoD Component command or organization is able and willing to provide similar support to comparable events that meet the criteria of subparagraph through, above, and subparagraphs and, below, sponsored by similar non-Federal entities. DoD participation is not restricted by other statutes or regulations (see 10 U.S.C. 2012 (reference (e)), which limits support that is not based on customary community relations or public affairs activities. No admission fee (beyond what will cover the reasonable costs of sponsoring the event) is charged for the event; or no admission fee (beyond what will cover the reasonable costs of sponsoring the event) is charged for the portion of the event supported by the Department of Defense; or DoD support is incidental to the entire event.

4.11 DoD Support to Veterans Associations

4.11.1. Veterans associations are defined as organizations oriented toward veterans of military service in general, toward veterans of specific Services, or toward veterans grouped or identified by gender, ethnicity, religion, military campaign, or geographic region.

4.11.2. The Heads of the DoD Component commands or organizations may provide applicable support to veterans associations for non-partisan events as noted in subparagraph, above. Military support, including bands, color guards, choral groups, speakers, and static displays, is also authorized for local, regional, and national conventions. The ASD (PA) shall assign a DoD coordinator, and each Military Service shall provide a project officer for those national conventions for which multi-Service support is in the best interests of the Department of Defense.

4.11.3. Veterans associations may receive loaned or donated excess military property under DoD 4160.21-M, “Defense Material Disposition Manual” (reference (n)). The Secretary of Defense has assigned to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) responsibility for administering the Defense Materiel Disposition Program. The Military Services manage the program and determine the eligibility of veterans associations to participate in the program through the use of criteria specified in reference (n).

5.4.2. Conduct direct liaison with private organizations representing specific interests of their respective Military Services, such as the Association of the U.S. Army, the Navy League of the United States, the Marine Corps League, and the Air Force Association of the United States, in accordance with DoD 5500.7-R, DoD Directive 5500.7, and DoD Instruction 5410.20 (references (d), (j), and (g)).

DODI 5410.19 Public Affairs Community Relations Policy Implementation (November 13, 2001).


Those guidelines shall not be interpreted to affect support, authorized by DoD Directive 5410.18 (reference (c)) and implemented by this Instruction, traditionally available to non-Federal organizations, such as veterans associations and business or civic organizations, at the DoD level or through any of the Military Services. Such traditional community relations support, identified in the various enclosures to this Instruction, may include designating DoD coordinators, providing bands and Color Guards for patriotic openers, and providing DoD speakers at technical meetings and seminars.