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Solicitation Message for 2020 TAI National Military Awards

SUBJECT: Solicitation Message 2020 Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated National Military Awards

Suspense: All submissions must be received by 1700 CST, July 31, 2020

  1. The purpose of this solicitation message is to request nominations for the 2020 Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated National Military Awards.
  2. Award recipients will be recognized following the 49th Annual Tuskegee Airmen National Convention. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all convention activities will be held virtually.
  3. Eligibility: Active Component, Reserve, or National Guard members serving in any Branch of the US armed services and the Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service. Awards will be presented to outstanding uniformed members regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, or gender.
  4. Nominations will be accepted from wings or wing equivalents (brigade level for US Army and US Marine Corps, or wing/strike group/group for Navy). Pentagon three letter offices are considered wing equivalents (AF/A3O, SAF/AQA, etc.).
  5. Nomination packages will include the following:
    • Endorsement Memorandum. The endorsement letter must include the following statement: “A records check was conducted on (date) and revealed no information that would bring discredit to the award or the (applicable branch of service).” This review may be accomplished by the Director of Staff (HAF 3-letters), A1/S1/N1/G1 Director (MAJCOM) or the Wing Commander (Unit) or their designated representative. This may be a scanned or PDF document. Address signed nomination letters to: Tuskegee Airmen Inc. Military Awards Committee:
    • Justification page format: Because we receive submissions from all branches of the military and US Public Health Service, submissions will be on plain bond paper, 8.5×11 inches; utilize bullet format, 12-font, Times New Roman text. Submit the write up with the following categories: Professional Achievement (5 bullets), Professional Development/Self Improvement (3 Bullets) and Community/Public Service (3 bullets).
    • The individual should be fully identified, along with job title, organization, mail address, commercial and DSN phone number, fax number, and email address. Please include contact information for both the recipient and the nominating supervisor.
    • Packages will be forwarded by email to Military Awards Committee at The award period is 1 May 2019 – 30 April 2020. Please email each package VIA SEPARATE EMAIL with the following format: Subject: Tuskegee Airmen Military Award – “Category” (e.g. FGO, NCO, SNCO or CGO)_nominee last name, first initial. The submission document should be saved using following naming schema–“Category” (i.e. SNCO, CGO)_nominee last name, First Initial.

SAMPLE E-MAIL SUBJECT: Tuskegee Airmen Military Award –SNCO_Johnson, T SAMPLE FILE NAME: SNCO_Johnson_T

  • We will only accept four nominees (one per category) per organization (respective wings or wing equivalents, Air Staff 3 letters; MAJCOM and NAF 2 letters; Brigade level for US Army and US Marine Corps, or wing/strike group for Navy). Services headquarters may elect to forward their top package for each category.
  • The four categories for the subject award are as follows:
    • General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. Military Award: Named for our esteemed Leader who has been an inspiration to all those who has followed and served under him. Awarded to a field grade officer (O4 – O6) who has exhibited outstanding performance in both professional and community service.
    • Captain Robert W. Williams Military Award: Named for the pioneer Aviator who spearheaded a movie project about the Tuskegee Airmen. He spent 43 years pitching his story and was turned down by every movie and Television studio until home box office accepted the project in 1995. It became a worldwide success and earned 3 Emmy awards, a Peabody, a Cable Ace and 2 NAACP Image Awards. This award goes to a company grade officer (O1 – O3) who has exhibited outstanding performance in both professional and community service.
    • Chief Master Sergeant Fred Archer Military Award: Named for one of the first blacks to achieve the highest enlisted grade. He served with the Famed 99th pursuit squadron as a weapons specialist. In his distinguished 35 year career, he was nominated three times to serve as chief master sergeant of the Air Force. This award goes to a senior noncommissioned officer (E7 – E9) that exhibits outstanding performance in both professional and community service.
    • Senior Master Sergeant Margaret Frances Barbour Military Award: Named For SMSgt Margaret Frances Barbour. This award goes to a noncommissioned Officer or Airman (E1 – E6) that exhibits outstanding performance in both professional and community service.
  • For additional information on the Tuskegee Airmen National Convention, please go to or contact the Military Awards Committee/ at