• 2018 TAI President’s Post Convention Letter to Members

    We just concluded a very successful 2018 National Convention. Highlights are included in the Presidents 2018 Post Convention Letter to Members.

  • 2018 Military Award Winners

    General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., Field Grade Officer Military Award
    Maj Tiffany L. Debrow
    Director of Operations and Support
    369th Recruiting Group
    Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas

    Category: Captain Robert W. Williams, Company Grade Officer Military Award
    Captain Brittany R. Lee
    Force Support Flight Commander
    799th Air Base Squadron
    Creech AFB, Nevada

    Category: Chief Master Sergeant Fred Archer, Senior NCO Military Award
    MSgt Carlton J. Young
    Senior Communications Engineer
    Defense Information Agency (DISA) – Regional Field Command, Pacific
    Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii

    Category: Senior Master Sergeant Francis Barbour, NCO Military Award
    TSgt Josefina Liles
    Force Protection Intelligence Analyst
    380th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron


  • 2019 TAI Financial Plan

  • 2018 TAI Election Candidates

  • TAI Resolutions for 2018

  • TAI President’s Memorial Day Letter

  • 2018 Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated National Military Awards and Convention Attendance

    All submissions must be received by 1700 CST 31 May 2018

    1. The purpose of this solicitation message is to request nominations for the 2018 Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated National Military Awards.
    2. Award recipients will be recognized 9-11 August 2018 at the 47th Annual Tuskegee Airmen National Convention at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada.
    3. Eligibility: active component, reserve or guard members serving in any Branch of the US armed services. Awards will be presented to outstanding military members regardless of race, color, religion, national origin or gender.
    4. Nominations will be accepted by wings or wing equivalents (brigade level for US Army and US Marine Corps, or wing/strike group for Navy). Pentagon three letter offices will be considered wing equivalents (AF/A3O, SAF/AQA, etc.).

    Click here for the full message on Nomination Packages 2018TAI_MilitaryAwardsSolicitationMessage

    Click here for TDY & PTDY TAI Convention Authorities 2018

  • How many Tuskegee Airmen are currently living?

    How many Tuskegee Airmen are currently living?

    Currently there is no way to definitively answer the question of “how many members of the historical Tuskegee Experience are living” since our organization can only track members that have joined Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. (TAI).

    Many of the members of the Tuskegee Experience that separated from the military once their service commitment was completed returned to civilian life to become private citizens.  For that reason, we’ll never know exactly how many are living, nor will we know exactly where they live or what they are currently doing.

    At best, we can only try to address our current reported membership submitted by the individual chapters, and I would like to add that number changes almost daily as we continue to receive news of original Tuskegee Airmen joining the Lonely Eagles Chapter more frequently.

    At our last Western Region Conference, your question was discussed because it is frequently asked by the media when they are covering events sponsored by various chapters of TAI.  I was informed that based on the current roster, and even then it was tentative, we have approximately 209 original Tuskegee Airmen that are documented members of our chapters across the United States.  Again, don’t quote me because I have seen news of at least 2 members joining the Lonely Eagles since our conference which occurred late March 2015.  Others may have followed that I am not aware of.

    So as to your original question; “How many are known to be alive today?” There is no factual way of answering that question.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Ron E. Lacey

    Western Region Public Relations Officer

    Tuskegee Airmen Inc.

  • Tuskegee Airmen Questions and Answers 09_2014 (update)