Wings of Pride

Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. Wings of Pride Recognition Program

I would like to introduce you to the Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated’s (TAI) Wings of Pride Program. It was established to recognize contributions and donations to our organization. All monetary contributions to TAI will be part of this recognition program.

The TAI Wings of Pride Program members are acknowledged with a special lapel pin representing their membership level.  In addition, members are listed on the TAI Wings of Pride Program Virtual Wall of Honor on our website.

Tuskegee Airmen, Incorporated Wings of Pride Recognition Levels

4 Star                                                 $250,000 or more

3 Star                                                 $150,000 –   $249,999

2 Star                                                 $100,000 –   $149,999

1 Star                                                 $75,000   –   $99,999

Wing Commander                            $50,000   –   $74,999

Group Commander                          $25,000   –   $49,999

Squadron Commander                    $20,000   –   $24,999

Flight Commander                           $15,000   –   $19,999

Aircraft Commander                        $10,000   –   $14,999

Co-Pilot                                             $5,000    –   $9,999

Navigator                                           $2,500     –   $4,999

First Sergeant                                   $1,000     –   $2,499    

Crew Chief                                        $500        –   $999


As you give to TAI and your contributions accumulate, you move into higher levels of recognition.  Contributions are deductible to the extent allowed under IRS rules.  Please consult your financial advisor or IRS for more information.

TAI can only accomplish our objectives of preserving the heritage and legacy of the Documented Original Tuskegee Airmen and working with youth to stimulate Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) awareness with your assistance.  We are grateful for financial support to help our community-based efforts.

Our youth outreach is targeted to expose them to career opportunities in aviation, aerospace, and transportation with emphasis on the importance of STEM.  With your continued help, we can showcase the Documented Original Tuskegee Airmen as role models to the youth of today and inspire them to overcome the obstacles they encounter and achieve their goals.

U.S. student’s performance in reading, math, and science remains stagnant since 2009 as other nations plow ahead we need your support in changing this.  TAI have found that working with communities, schools, and visiting with students stimulates an interest in participating in our programs, thereby creating opportunities for students to be more competitive on the world stage.

Thank you for your support of TAI and our efforts to preserve the heritage and legacy of the Documented Original Tuskegee Airmen and working with youth.  With your assistance, together we can continue to build on the successes of the past, highlight the role models of today and develop the workforce and leaders of tomorrow.

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Tuskegee Airmen Inc., appreciates your help. Please make a pledge today! Download the TAI Donation-Pledge Form and mail the completed form to:

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